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Can professional resume templates increase your chances of being hired?


Have you been looking for a job but just not lucky enough to be called even for an interview? It worries you because all your friends have jobs and you don’t. You ask yourself now, what’s wrong with you? How can you be hired when you cannot even entice a recruiter to call you for a job interview? With the economic crisis, many people are finding it increasingly difficult to land a job.


A lot of people may not know that the key for an applicant to be called for a job interview is their. Good professional resume templates can attract the employers to know you better and see if you are the right candidate they are looking for the job vacancy they have. No matter what type of job you are applying for, whether you want to be a contractor, healthcare professional, accountant, IT professional, a secretary, or a retail store manager, you will want to make a cv for yourself. Perhaps, the biggest reason as to why you need to submit a resume that is professional in nature is because the cv's are often the first thing that a hiring employer will see. It must have a professional appearance. This is the first thing that potential employers will see and is the first thing that you will be judged on. Imagine this; an average employer will only take 10 seconds to check the resume. They don’t even read it. They merely scan it. This means that even if you have written all your skills and work experience in a 5-page resume but if your cv is not properly done, it will all just end up in the trash bin. So, we have to make use of those precious seconds, we cannot afford to waste that little time the employer will spend on your cover letter. We need to make sure that we are able to get their attention and be scheduled for an interview. That is why, it is very essential to use a good professional resume template. If you want the recruiter to read your curriculum vitae from top to bottom, make sure that your letter looks marvelous.



Now, what does it take to have use professional resume templates? Think of it as a promotional brochure about you. Before writing one, you must know what type of resume that will suit you. There are 3 types cv templates. The most common type is the chronological resume. From the word chronological itself, it means that it is arranged according to the order of time. Therefore, the main body of the document becomes the professional experience section, starting from the most recent experience going chronologically backwards through a succession of previous experience. There are a lot of things you must remember when using the chronological resume. First, you just have to include only the last three to five positions or employment covering the last ten to fifteen years. Second, you should include three or four accomplishments in each position with the most relevant ones in the top half of the resume. Lastly, keep your resume to one page when possible, never more than two pages.

The second type of cv is the functional resume. With this type of letter, your skills and achievements are emphasized. It places a great deal of emphasis on what you know, and what you've accomplished, rather than where you've worked. However, it is really not recommended to use this type resume because a lot of employers would think that you were hiding something from them or they would think that you were job hopping for the past few months or years which is of course, not favorable to them and you might lose the chance of getting hired.

The last type of resume is the combination of the two previous type of cv. It is called combination resume or better known as hybrid curriculum vitae. This format generally starts with the functional cv format. It showcases the skills, accomplishments, and qualifications of the job applicant. The second page of the combination cv is a reverse chronological ordering of your career work experiences.


After choosing the format that you want to use, it is already time for you to write your cv. It is imperative to make a draft of your skills and experiences. Make sure that all details are clear and erroneous. Don't include information on your marital status, age, race, family or hobbies. This information is either irrelevant or is taken care of in other parts of the application. You also need to do some research about the company you want to work with so that you know what they are looking for an applicant. Once all information is ready, you need to choose the font you are going to use. Do not use a decorative font. Times New Roman and Arial parse most accurately and are the "standard" fonts for business communication, which is what your resume is. Use a standard font size. For business communications, fonts of 10 and 12 points are the norm. Don't reduce the type size to such a degree that your resume becomes difficult to read. Don't try to save money by printing your cvf on cheap copy paper instead of good quality stock. Check your cv for proper grammar and correct spelling - evidence of good communication skills and attention to detail. Use the spell check feature on your word processor and ask a friend to review your template to find mistakes you might have missed. Eliminate superfluous details. Unnecessary details can take up a lot of valuable space on your resume. Keep it concise. They should be one page, if possible, and two if absolutely necessary to describe relevant work experience.

There are a lot of templates that you can easily download online. Overall, the purpose of using these templates is to provide a quick start without having to worry about the typesetting, formatting, changing headings or fixing margins. Truly it saves your time and provides more chances to be interviewed and get hired.

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