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Writing an powerful resume / cover letter is much more than simply compiling your qualifications onto a  piece of paper. It requires writing and formatting your resume template in such a way that it  effectively markets you to a potential company and employer. It is the brochure of the individual  and needs to be approached as such. It is important to understand that the employer's  goal is not the same as yours. Though you need to give the employer the information they need, you have the control over how you do this. You want to prepare  your resume in an effective way that presents you as the best candidate for the  position. Your goal is to sell yourself.


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College Resume

  College Resume, an Entry into the Workforce A college re..

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Creative Resume

  This Creative Resume Template actually sells your skills and ski..

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Functional Resume Template

  Modern and professional, that’s the best way to describe the Function..

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Modern Resume

  Downloadable Templates can change your resume   Crea..

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Professional Resume

  Can professional resume templates increase your chances of being hire..

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Resume and Cover Letter Template

MS Word, Mac Pages Resume, Cover Letter Template, No. 007 ..

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Resume Template 2018

Resume Template, Cover Letter Template, CV, No. 005 ..

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