How To Write a Successful Resume

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When filing a position in the competitive job market of today, a recruiter will frequently have one hundred or more applicants, but the time to interview the five or ten most promising ones. Therefore the recruiter will have to reject most applicants following a brief period of the resumes. You could say that the resume is much more the recruiter's tool for eliminating candidates compared to the candidate's instrument. If you don't have phoned and spoke to the recruiter you will be chosen or rejected for an interview entirely on the grounds of your resume and cover letter. Obviously, each has to be outstanding.

Just as with any other activity, resume writing gets easier and quicker the more often you do it. We recognize that it's not something that many job seekers do on a regular basis, so here are a few tricks of the trade that should make writing your resume easier and faster.


Type of Resumes


There are three basic types of resumes: The chronological and functional resume  formats are probably best known; the chrono-functional resume is a recent innovation that combines both basic resume formats.


The Chronological Resume

This style of resume presents your career history in chronological order, beginning with your most recent job first. This style isuseful when:

  • You are staying in the exact same field of work.
  • You have worked for well known companies with great reputation
  • Your prior job titles are remarkable.

This is the most common and easily resume format. You should use a  chronological resume if you have no large gaps in your work history and if your previous jobs relate to your current job objective.


The Functional Resume

Much less frequent is the functional resume. The functional resume focuses on  the skills and talents you have developed and de-emphasizes job titles, employer  names, and dates. The purpose of a functional resume is to better the chances of applicants whose qualifications might seem weak on a chronological resume or who are in the midst of a career change and desire to deflect attention from recent employment experience. For example, an army office, a teacher, or a homemaker looking for a position at a large corporation may pick a functional resume.

The Chrono-functional Resume
The chrono-functional resume can be a flexible and powerful tool for your job seeker with exceptional skills she/he and a employment background wants to emphasize. Like the chronological resume, it chronologically lists job history and eduacation, while allowing the jobseeker to highlight what makes her/his qualifications marketable. This type of resume is a good choice for college graduates with a few job experience, career changers, and parents returning to the job market.


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